January 28, 2012

Calendar Girls - January


I am so being forced by challenges getting into my inner foof!  Can you even believe it?!   Much to my surprise in our last monthly challenge my secret word was 'lacey'.   Well, that brought me to a tea cup stamp and I used *gasp* lace.   I had only inked the stamp set like twice before.  I got past that challenge.  Sigh....inner foof challenge ovah!

Our January challenge came.  It was a really fun theme!  It was to go back through our previous Calendar Girl 2011 cards and use one of the images again and re-work the card.  The new card needs to be totally different than the first card.   I go tearing to my pictures and look.....uh oh.   What the heck?!  With the given challenges in the past I either used no image, or an image that I received in an image swap - yeah, that I do not have any more of.   Guess what that left?!  THE TEA CUP STAMP!!! {insert laughter}

So here it is, in all it's glory....the tea cup stamp re-worked.   I had visions of blue for the card.   I found oddly enough, that I do not have very many blue crafting items.   I am on a 'try not to buy any more DP and use what you have' theme right now.  I admit, I did pick up the DP at Joann's this past week [6 for $.96 is hard to pass up!] as I did not have anything blue that was not geometric.

I wanted to try another idea out.  It does not show well on the card, but I stamped the image on glossy photo paper.  I used Memento ink and let it dry awhile.   It worked and did not smudge.  I sponged a little SU ink on the image to tone the white down.  I was afraid that the SU ink would smudge, as it is not pigment ink, but it seemed to do well after letting it dry.  It gave the image a different look in person.  Almost a bit like it was cut out of something and not stamped and that was not what I had envisioned particularly for this card, but good to know for the future!

Here are both cards.  I do wish that the original 'lacey' card has photoed better.  The colors look harsh in this picture.  They were much more muted on the card itself....and you get to enjoy the flower that Carol made again.

Long live the tea set stamp!

January 18, 2012

Mystery Challenge Swap - January

Time for another post for our Mystery Challenge Swap.   The girls at SCS have been busy with our latest challenge.  

Where has the time gone?!    Well, I know where my time has gone.   It was trying to figure out how to fix a big mess I created on this challenge!  Oh my, it was a hot mess to say the least.  

We were gifted a beautiful D. Morgan stamp from Darlene.   The scene was perfectly nestled inside a picture frame.   I thought I would use that damn Tim Holtz Distressed Paint on the frames.   That would be cool beans.   A crackled paint look.   I had used it before on another project in a light color.   I had some brown paint that would seemingly work perfectly.  

Oh. My. Hell.   What a brown, non cracking mess.   If you have not used the product prior, you paint it fairly thick and have to wait hours for it to dry.   Well, let's just say that it did not work.  It looked like a puddle of mud, and not the group!  So of course I had to listed to Puddle of Mudd for the duration of making the card.

I did have to modify the image, but tried to replicate it as much as possible.   The sentiment is the same and there is a picture frame.   I do hope I did not hack it too terribly!  Here is my modified version of the Mystery Challenge:

I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone interpreted the image and how to color it.  What a fun swap this round.  Thanks, Darlene!


January 15, 2012

Dueling Darlings - January

Darlings, hello!   What a great kit we had to work with this January, thank you Joan.   Our theme was 'the little things'.  

Part of our challenge was to tell what our first thought was when we heard 'the little things'.   I immediately thought of the little things that make things better.  Let's see if I can give you some recent examples.......

~ You are in a hurry and think you have to go get gas for the car before you leave and then you find you did not know what the heck you were thinking, you have plenty of gas and now are ahead of schedule.

~ You are going about your day putting away your food treasures from Costco and there is a knock at the door and it is your favorite six year old and wants to play a game with you.  You shove all perishables in the refrigerator, get on the floor and play Old Maid.

~ You get a text message that makes you smile.   Better yet, you make someone smile that is having a hard time with your reply.

I think you see where I am going with 'the little things'.   I think they make the world go 'round.  Heck, Apple was a little thing that started in a garage.  You never know what can happen!

I loved the colors and the little gems that Joan sent to us.   Here is the card that I created today with her vision in mind:

I do hope that you can visit the other Dueling Darlings to see their 'little' creations.  Their blogs are located on the right sidebar.

Have a great day and enjoy the little things you encounter today!

Card entered in the following challenge(s):   Catch The Bug Challenge Blog, Stamptacular Sunday Challenge , The Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge

January 3, 2012

Forest Swap

I just remembered that I did not post my Forest Swap card!   We all love The Forest on SCS.  I am looking forward to the next swap opening this coming week!

Our theme this past round was 'what to do in the forest'.   Well, I went through my digi folder and saw this cute Bugaboo image that I thought I would use.   Hey, it had a log on it - that must qualify for forest stuff!   I am not sure how many people play hide-and-go-seek in the forest, but it works for this card. Also if they do, I am not sure I want to know about it!  I was gifted some extra cute paper from Ms Forest herself, so I used that for the circle punch.   Here is the final card.....

I am looking forward to what great cards that come in the return swap.   Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!