December 31, 2011

Calendar Girls - December

I do hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday.   It is New Year's Eve.   I can hardly believe that 2012 is THIS weekend!

I have to apologize for the delay in my posting for this round of the Calendar Girls.   It has been such a crazy week.   Our elderly neighbor and then my nephew, had medical issues.  After many, many tests everyone is, I am happy to report, okay at this time.   Now for some rest!   LOL

My card has been completed, just needing this blog post to be done.   So glad that the card portion was done, as there would not have been much crafting time.  

Our challenge this round was to have a secret word given to us as the theme for our card.  I received my word from, Paola.  The word was a challenge for me, as I am not into lace, as in lacey is the secret word!  Oh my word!!!

I put on my lacey thinking cap and remembered that I had a lacey looking stamp set from Stampin' UP! that was like circa 1999!   I used that set.  It might be the second time I have inked it up!  I did have to purchase a piece of lace - can you believe I did not even have any?!

Well, the gem of the card is the item that I have been hoarding.   Yep, I have one of the crochet flowers from our Glitta Sistah, Carol!  It's true.  It is even pink!  How much more lacey and girly can I get right now?!  LOL   I feel a pirouette coming on! 

Now, the picture does not seem to depict the colors very well, but you will get the general idea.  The colors not photographed are much more muted.  I do hope that I have done some justice to Paola's secret word.  I do know for sure that Carol's flower rocks!

You have probably already done your blog visiting for the other Calendar Girls, but in case you have not their blogs are listed on the right sidebar.

Have a fun and safe New Year's Eve!  

December 26, 2011

Oh, Mia!

It has been quite awhile since I have been here to sorry.  The holidays have been so busy with still a list to do.  

I did want to stop by and put a quick post up.   Mia, turned nine months old this past week and has developed some let's say 'not so great' habits.   Most of which were found while we were on vacation.

Here is her current 'like'..........

The planter my new place to sleep:

If I cover my face maybe she will go away and let me sleep:

Is she gone yet?:

She is not leaving, just clicking pictures:

Well, I am going to get a cat nap regardless!:

Yep, I had to leave her there.   Too cute-n-all.    Have a good day!