October 6, 2017

Dueling Darlings - August

Carol, was the sweet hostess for our August Dueling Darlings at SCS.  We received a fishing themed kit.

My first reaction was great I can send my dad a card.....well, then I remembered not really something I can do any longer.  My dad loved to fish. In fact, one of our winter projects is to research out the fishing poles and tackle that he had.  I do not want to give or sell any of it, until we know what we have.  Our garage is starting to resemble Cabela's!

My dad had a fishing boat that we knew nothing about as well.  We took it to the marina and consigned it with the company that my dad purchased it from, so we could sell it within the summer season.  They had a much larger buying pool and were so nice remembering my dad.  The boat sold the first day to someone that was so excited to get the boat, it makes me happy.  My point in telling you this, is that my dad did not get to use the boat but a handful of times as my mom got sick and he took care of her, then he was sick.  Go out there, use your 'boat', go on that trip, it matters!

Of course Carol sent a variety of images.   I was first drawn to the cute image, then I thought I need to challenge myself and used the fish image.  There was more realistic fish DP, so I used that.  One of them had this bad a** fish on it.  It is the background piece and I had to cover him up, as he kinda scared me! LOL   My photo does not pick up the little hints of Spica glitter I used on the fish image, to give him some depth.

Now the fun image that Carol sent, I had used before.  I made this card a long time ago, but will share again, since he is in theme with the kit. Here is a card made with the Whipper Snapper image.  He is the cutest little thing!

Thank you Carol, for a great kit for August.  I enjoyed working with it!

October 3, 2017

Dueling Darlings - July

Hello!  The Dueling Darlings on SCS had their posting in July.  I am posting today.  Just a 'lil late! Our theme was Midsummer Night's Dream.  Perfect - it is fall and now you can 'dream' it is midsummer!

Heather, sent the most adorable kit.   I remember there being a discussion with which image to use.  Well, since I am so late and posting by myself, I chose the Penny Black , Fairy Sweet.   The image is so cute, I just love her!

Speaking of love, I am in love as well with that DP she sent from KaiserCraft Botanica Collection.  I had to use it for the whole card, not just a little piece! And those little shiny embellies, I wanna pet them!

I added a few flowers to the main flower from the kit.  We were challenged with using a Canadian maple leaf on our card.  I used two of them as leaves under the flower.   They blended with the DP quite a bit, but they are there! Added a little glitter to her fairy wings, as it is a Midsummer Night's Dream of course.

Thank you Heather, for the kit and waiting patiently for the card.  I enjoyed working with it.

Have a great day~

September 26, 2017

Dueling Darlings - June

Roses are red!  They were also the theme for the June Duel for the SCS Dueling Darlings.   June was rose month...who knew?!

Barb, sent us a great kit with rose themed images.  I chose Rose Stems by Hero Arts to create with.  Included with our kit were so many embellies and what I would assume was great DP......if I could find it!

Yeah, Barb included Stamping' UP! DP in Sweet Sorbet.  I am far behind on kits and took each out of their envie and put items into a Zip Lock bag in the order of receipt, so I would not lose anything!  LOL  Not sure what happened, but when I look the DP up online and, it sure was pretty!   After I looked it up and knew what it looked like, I checked my paper and still not there.  All of my supplies are put away, so really nowhere for it to be.  I got nothin'!

So, I dug through my paper to find something that would fit the color pattern of the embellies to have some semblance to the kit and got a two for one. Sentiment paper, so I did not have to include a sentiment.  Score!

Thank you Barb, for a great kit and I apologize for not knowing where the paper ended up.

September 18, 2017

Dueling Darlings - May

My friends, hello!

It has been so long since I have been to Blogger, I had to look up my password.  I know!

I apologize for being away so long.  Especially to the Dueling Darlings on SCS. They have been so patient with me.  I am a part of the group, but have not participated in a long time.   Sadly, my dad passed away at the end of June and I have been busy getting back to work, and wrapping up my parent's lives.  It is a really surreal time.  Nothing special, we all go through it, but odd just the same - well, with a whole lotta things to move and deal with!   LOL

I have my Dueling Darling kits all waiting in the wings to be created with.   I am starting with the first in.   Judy, sent the Divas the most adorable kit.   This image from Sarah Kay is just too cute!

We were asked if we were to receive a May basket what flowers would you like to see in the basket.  I really like tulips.  I do like to have fresh flowers in the house.  I really cannot kill them too much!

Thank you Judy, for the kit and the wait!  One small check on the 'to-do' list.  I will work on the other months soon.

Have a great day!

April 18, 2017


This card was a shipwreck!  Total nightmare.  Yep.  

My craft time is limited as you know.  We have an elderly friend that is not in good health.  My stash of cards is limited as well.  I have the bright idea that I will make a quick card!

Oh, okay.  I go to my image file.   I choose the ship image - no coloring - surely this will save some time.   I find a sentiment that would go with said ship - not as easy as you think!  Both were from either a card kit or image swap.   Cool beans, that I have them to choose from!

Have images will create.  This is going to be quick!  Choose a DP from my kit remnants. I like the paper and coordinate the card stock.  I am on a roll!  Cut all layers for card base and such, glue and assemble.  I am about five minutes in.  This is going great!

Now, I go to cut the image and sentiment.  Screech!  Halt!  The first ship - thankfully there were two stamped on the sheet - was at an angle.  I tried to right the ship.  It looked like the ship was doing a wheelie!  Cr**!  Tried again to cut it.  Too late, too close to the ship and it looked odd.  On to the next ship.   While I could cut it fine, there was a smudge on the mast.  Our friend is 87, so maybe he will not notice.  Going with that!  On to sentiment.   Tried again to cut it straight.   Not working.  You know how you try to shim up to a straight line and when you it undercuts the paper.  Aaaahhhhh!!!  Anyway, finally got that figured out.

On to the DP.  Holy night.  It was the ripper paper.  You know the kind.  So thin that it does not cut, it rips.  Shoot me! I already have coordinating colors cut and mounted.  I have to use it.   Change to a new blade, no better.   Try to clean up the edges, the paper rips in half!  No joke.  Totally cussing now.

So, I have to change the layout.   Cut a smaller piece.  Rips!  Have to cut the edge with something to get rid of the rip.  I think about those frustrating scissors we all started with from 1990, 'deckle'.  It is the only pair I saved from the tub o' scissors they came in.  Friggin' cuts crooked.  Try again, shorter paper now.  I need a rest!

Finally get the card assembled.  On a good note, Card stock and the three brads were the only items I provided.  The rest were from card kits and DDD kits.   I hope I do not offend if you were the sender - I love the image, sentiment and paper.  Maybe my haste created chaos!  At least I have a card to send for next week.

Have a great weekend!


April 15, 2017

Dueling Darlings - April

Welcome to the April Duel!   The girls from SCS Dueling Darlings are up to duel in the sunshine.  It is about time we get some sunshine.   This winter was a rough one!

Good thing Kelly, the hostess for the Divas, sent us the cutest card kit. Everything sunny was in there!   Our little challenge was to use one of the two sentiments on our card.

A little card making tip for you all out there, don't color while you are on a conference call!  I was trying to multi-task and grabbed some Copics and ya know most of mine need refills, then I grabbed the wrong colors, then I about answered a call question with a Copic color R89!  So, little one's colors are not exactly what I had in mind, but hey two things done at one time!

I am looking forward to seeing what sunny and fun cards the other girls created.  You can too!  Their blog links are on the right sidebar.  R89!

Have a great day....

April 11, 2017

Love Tulips

I love me some tulips!

This image probably looks familiar to a few of you.   It was an image used in a recent SCS Dueling Darlings card kit.  

My partner in crime my duel hostess months is, Terry {be sure to check out her blog, as she was recently a Growing in Unity Girl with Unity Stamps and there are some amazing cards she made to peek at}. We gift each other with the images from our respective duel, to be used at another time.

I received this great tulip image.  I have had it waiting in the wings, for some time to create a card with it.   I loved how the Dazzlers used the image.  I then saw a recent card that someone made with the same image and it reminded me I needed to use my image.

I went through my scrap DP bin again.   I paired a scrap with a DP that I received in a card kit.  Looking for some 'love' on paper.  I added some card stock, a ribbon from a card kit and now I have another card that was created from kit remnants.  

You know my mantra "Use what'cha got first".  It is not always easy and I think creates another level of challenge to making a card.  I have not purchased any crafting items, other than paper or adhesive essentials, in forevah!  I have so much 'stuff' that I need to use it!!!  That 'stuff' then turns into 'older than dirt' items.  I have a lot of those!  LOL

Thanks for stopping by~